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    Who we are.

    Who We Are.

    A highly experienced firm of Chartered Surveyors offering a wide range of surveying services to legal, commercial, residential and corporate clients.

    We provide a comprehensive service rooted in decades of construction experience across all sectors. The tacit knowledge and skill we have gathered over time and practice make us a trusted, professional hand to support you and your client. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, our professional services are thorough and effective, gained through extensive experience in delivering countless successful construction projects over many years.

    Our senior commercial staff are all Chartered Surveyors. Each has over 35 years’ of experience in the construction industry, working for private and corporate clients in various senior roles within major construction contracting organisations, including Balfour Beatty, Bam, Kier Tilbury Douglas, Gleeson and Ballast Nedam.

    These professional qualifications and our extensive experience in delivering projects in all construction industry sectors means we understand the practical aspects of construction claims and disputes, and can advise our clients accordingly.

    To provide a first-class single-source service, where appropriate, we collaborate with our planning, project control and forensic delay experts expert partner firm, whose expertise has gained them an excellent reputation.

    Ashdan Consulting is registered with, and regulated by, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in line with its stringent regulatory standards, and is led by Managing Director, John Johnson, a Fellow of RICS with over 35 years’ of surveying and construction industry experience. John’s LinkedIn profile highlights his career roles and experience.

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    Our Commitment To You

    To ensure that we deliver the highest possible level of service, our professional claims and Expert Witness activities will be personally led by our Managing Director, John Johnson FRICS.

    “I found John very diligent, knowledgeable and lived and breathed the claim that we were dealing with. John was supported by his team who worked diligently in the background to pull all the pieces of the required documentation together which was not an easy process

    I would not hesitate in recommending John in this role on similar projects and I hope one day I will work with him again.”

    Jeremy Brett / Pre-Construction & Planning Director, Tamdown

    John Johnson
    Managing Director

    A Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, with over 35 years’ experience.

    John worked for several major UK contractors in a variety of senior roles before establishing Ashdan Consulting in 2015, where he has since provided claims consultancy and Expert Witness services on numerous projects.

    Your main point of contact, responsible for your entire satisfaction with the Ashdan Consulting services.

    “Your report was excellent, thorough and clear, and it really helped us navigate the quantum matters, so thank you very much. Our client was also very impressed with you and your work, which was great to hear.”

    Instructing Lawyer

    Case Studies

    Quantum Expert Witness on one of the most significant construction cases in 2018

    Ashdan Consulting’s Managing Director. John Johnson FRICS was engaged as a Quantum Expert Witness for the Defendant in the dispute and subsequent court case of:

    Williams Tarr Construction Ltd v
    Anthony Roylance Ltd [2018] EWHC 2339 (TCC)
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    Why Us and How Are We Different?

    Firstly, we provide a fully integrated service which combines the two key elements of construction claims – time and money!

    Our in-house quantum and commercial expertise, coupled with the planning and delay analysis expertise of our partner firm, ensures that we embrace all aspects of construction claims and disputes and provide Expert Witness services across the whole construction spectrum.

    We fully understand the issues that our law firm partners experience with construction disputes and claims, as despite their expert legal and contractual knowledge, their understanding of the practical and financial aspects of the construction process may not be at that same level – this is where we come in!

    With our extensive and detailed knowledge of construction, gained from many years of working on and delivering construction projects, we are ideally placed to add construction and commercial expertise into the legal process.

    Whilst theoretical knowledge of construction is inherent within surveying practices generally, we are completely different, because all our senior commercial staff are from contracting backgrounds.

    As a result, we have:

    Held numerous and varying roles within construction companies over many years, including quantity surveying, estimating, design management, bid management, planning, site and project management – this variety of experience and skills enables us to confidently address all practical and financial aspects of construction claims.

    ‘Been there and done that’, as we have all played active senior level roles during live construction projects, and have delivered numerous major construction schemes on site, so our knowledge is also practical, not just theoretical.

    Many of the problems which arise during construction projects emanate from commonly repeated issues, which in turn result in poorly prepared claims documents.

    We help resolve this by undertaking a detailed review of all the documents provided at the outset. This invariably informs a request for further or outstanding information, which, when received, we then interrogate intensively and forensically as part of our assessment and our Expert Witness report.

    Ultimately, we know construction and construction contractors, as we were once part of them. So, there is little that we have not seen or experienced – this has significant appeal to our clients and sets us apart from many of our competitors!

    Additional Testimonials

    John – A big thank you for your help on this one which we really appreciate.

    Instructing Lawyer

    Great service and easy to work with. Got to grips with our complicated issues quickly and succinctly, and was then able to articulate them in a well written report – ultimately giving us the opportunity to clearly demonstrate our case

    Partner Firm Client

    John – I just want to add my thanks for another excellent report. They are always so considered and clearly set out. It is much appreciated.

    Instructing Lawyer

    Our Clients

    RICS Regulations

    Surveyors acting as Expert Witnesses
    – RICS Requirements

    As fully qualified Chartered Surveyors, and as an RICS Registered Firm (Firm Registration No. 783847), our staff and Ashdan Consulting are required to undertake any Expert Witness services in accordance with RICS requirements; for which specific Practice Standards and a Client’s Guide apply.  These can be viewed on RICS website, or provided to our clients directly upon request.